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JOWINEA, Jewish Orphans and Widows IN East Africa, has been birthed!

Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya comprise East Africa.

There are scores of Jewish Orphans and Widows IN East Africa on the southwest border of Kenya and Tanzania.
Many do not know they exist; far more care less.

This very sad statement of fact is NOT DIRECTED at anyone specifically.

Orphans and Widows

These 77 orphans (66 girls; 11 boys) and 11 widows
are part of the largest dispersed population of Ethiopian Jews commonly referred to as Beta Israel.
Decades ago the great grandparents of these Jewish Orphans and Widows in East Africa
migrated from Ethiopia to escape the persecution, poverty, pestilence and
prolonged periods of drought to settle on Kenya’s western border.

How Your Contributions are Invested

Funds are being raised for these Jewish Orphans and Widows IN East Africa to provide a hand up;

NOT a hand out!

We are praying to receive funds to acquire a minimum of 200 ready to go layers which will
produce eggs for these Jewish Orphans and Widows IN East Africa own consumption and for sale.
The already completed chicken house accommodates 300. $20 buys 3 layers; $25 buys 4 layers.

How to Contribute

Contributions are encouraged through either

or Kehilat Bet Avinu:

No family member of Mitch Chapman, whether by birth or marriage, receives any support!
All contributions received WILL BE used directly for this specific need!!
There are no administrative and or overhead costs!!!


Mitch can be reached by phone: 954-850-8446 or Email: